A chocolate plate suitable for the holiday collection

S.R 100

Almond bowl

S.R 22

almonds sweetness squares

S.R 13

Chocolate bowl is a big problem

S.R 80

Chocolate bowl suitable for Eid

S.R 110

Chocolate plate suitable for all occasions

S.R 45

Classic chocolate plate  

S.R 40

Decorated chocolate bowl

S.R 50

Dessert for mixed decoration

S.R 27

Elegant chocolate bowl

S.R 45

Flour Sweetness

S.R 13

Halab Halban Malban with Honey Flavor (Round Pack)

S.R 6

Halgoum Lebanese + Syrian

S.R 27

Heart lollipop candy

S.R 16

Lollipop watermelon candy  

S.R 12

Mixed chocolate plate

S.R 70

Mixed chocolate plate

S.R 65

Mixed chocolate plate for Eid distributions

S.R 50

Mixed dried fruit candy

S.R 27

Mixed large chocolate plate

S.R 120

Round candy lollipops

S.R 13

Sesame dish decorated

S.R 30

Sesame sweetness

S.R 15

The sweetness of halgoum with the taste of cardamom

S.R 10

The sweetness of panic, with the taste of rose moi

S.R 10
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